What moves you? - The international Youth Eurythmy Event
»WHAT MOVES YOU has changed my life»

Nicole (19),
Buenos Aires,
Participant 2012

our vision

Eurythmy was established at the beginning of the 20th century. It is an art of movement which brings expression to words and music through choreography and gesture. There are so many sides to Eurythmy. It is a performance art; it is a core element of Waldorf education, and it is an effective therapeutic approach. It accompanies children on their individual paths of development. It impacts our capacity to make decisions in daily life. It orients us towards health and sustainability. Eurythmy offers a powerful counterbalance to the one-sidedness of modern life. It can reestablish the harmony between head, heart, and hands and thus foster the conditions for actively shaping the course of our world.

In the hundred years since its foundation, Eurythmy has developed continuously. Since 2012, WHAT MOVES YOU has offered a biannual project for young people who want to work more intensively with Eurythmy. Due to it´s enormous success, WHAT MOVES YOU has become a model for many other projects.