What moves you? - The international Youth Eurythmy Event
»WHAT MOVES YOU has changed my life»

Nicole (19),
Buenos Aires,
Participant 2012


The non-profit organization Tanz dein Leben e.V. is the legal body behind WHAT MOVES YOU. It is a membership based organization, made to support this project. The statutes state that "every natural and legal person can become a member of the association, if it has an active interest in the achievement of the associations purpose". It is managed by the board, currently chaired by André Macco (CEO) and Johannes Duve (Associate Manager).

Here you find the statutes as a download file:

Statutes of »Tanz Dein Leben e.V.« (PDF))
If you wish to become a member of Tanz dein Leben, please contact us.

To support our work, donations are very welcome.

Remittee: Tanz dein Leben e.V., Heidelberg, Germany
Bank: GLS Bank, Bochum, Germany
IBAN: DE62 4306 0967 6001 2863 00

If you want to receive a receipt, please don't forget to state your name and address. Thank you.